Saturday, September 17, 2011


Raj Dharma and Modi’s Dharbar:-

An Excerpt from Vajpee’s 2002 letter [ to modhi that enough was not being done to handle After Godhra]

“Its tenor makes it clear that Vajpayee was concerned if enough was being done for relief and if a sense of assurance and security was being really conveyed to those who had fled and taken shelter in makeshift camps. ….. Vajpayee's advice to Modi that as CM, he must adhere to “Raj dharma" and not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed or religion.” [ Source ]

Dear Mr. Vajpayee,

Vajpayee ji you should be very happy that Word to word of your advice wrt Raja dharma is being followed by Narendra ModiJust like the Yester year kings, just on the lines of Chanakya who wanted to build kingdoms whose foundation was Manushastra which was detrimental to 85% of lower caste Indians and women. Yes sir Modiji has already built a huge fort in Gujarat whose foundations are Vedic Hindu sentiments. His governance is reminding us the rule of Kings-Priests which ensured a section of people had all the benefits. Narendra Modi is the king and RSS are these neo priests who give advice. Just like the Priests gave advice to kings “keep away shudras from temples and deny them education” Modi also has made sure for e.g. all dalit and Muslim cops are given ordinary postings and positions.  Such mentioning of favoritism list goes endless.
Also sir, All along the history if you see priestly class has encouraged people to commit blunders because they own the powerful Vedic mantras whose recitation counter and clear people of all the blunders in one go.
Unless they commit the blunders when is the God to be remembered? How do the Hindu values get circulated? For each blunder…there is a God designed and assigned the task to free the sinners.
This is the same tactic applied by Modiji, whilst his followers are reciting the mantras in the background, Modiji himself has taken the leaf from Gandhiji who breathed his whole life “Ishwara alla tero naam, sabko sanmati de bhagwan” and performing a sadbhavana fast. Vajpayeeji Post Godhra was a splendid way of handling Communal harmony. It’s a common sense that any riot if there is a political will cannot remain for more than a Day. But in Gujarat it went for 5 days. RSS sorry the Neo priest craft ensured by imbibing broad Hindu sentiments in the Minds of people whose side effect was that “Forget minorities & innocent being massacred even Upper caste Pregnant women was seen  ransacking the shopping Malls”.  Police stations had become shops storing the looted items. Every 3 members out of 4 arrested post Godhra, their address were traced to posh apartments of Gujrat. [Godhra - A Journey to Mayhem by Nirendra Dev ]

Yes sir this Sadbhavana fast is to confess and free himself from the sins that he committed post Godhra spefically. Also to revive the broad Vedic Hindu sentiments instilled in the minds of Gujratis by RSS sorry the Neo priestly class. What a marvelous depiction of communal harmony? History says Akbar was great King. But those Hindus of his period only knew what they had to undergo. At least Akbar was able to regain his sense and worked towards communal harmony. We have to wait and watch Modis durbar filled with communal sadbhavana takes us to …. It seems Redfort….?

[ Why Modi carrying a Sadbhavana fast ? Vajpayee was unhappy about godhra wrote a letter ]

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