Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ambedkar-vivekananda-Education of masses

If there is one Man who would have embraced Ambedkar and made him sit in his heart it is none other than Vivekananda.

Every upper caste curses Dr B R Ambedkar with all possible bad words, now after reading the below quotations of vivekananda, they will do the same thing to vivekananda also....

If there is inequality in nature, still there must be equal chance for all — or if greater for some and for some less — the weaker should be given more chance than the strong.
In other words, a Brahmin is not so much in need of education as a Chandâla. If the son of a Brahmin needs one teacher, that of a Chandala needs ten. For greater help must be given to him whom nature has not endowed with an acute intellect from birth. It is a madman who carries coals to Newcastle. The poor, the downtrodden, the ignorant, let these be your God. [ C.W.. VI.319 ]

Well then, my plans are, therefore, to reach these masses of India. Suppose you start schools all over India for the poor, still you cannot educate them. How can you? The boy of four years would better go to the plough or to work, than to your school. He cannot go to your school. It is impossible. Self-preservation is the first instinct. But if the mountain does not go to Mohammed, then Mohammed can come to the mountain. Why should not education go from door to door, say I. If a ploughman's boy cannot come to education, why not meet him at the plough, at the factory, just wherever he is? Go along with him, like his shadow. But there are these hundreds and thousands of monks, educating the people on the spiritual plane; why not let these men do the same work on the intellectual plane? Why should they not talk to the masses a little about history — about many
things? The ears are the best educators. [ C..Vol.VIII.P-88&89]
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  1. Vivekanada Told the following

    "Why you are searching out God here and there? There are so many Gods loitering in the street."

    Is this correct? correct me if i am wrong.

    He also told that every body can reach the state of the god. So everyone is god practically.

    I have more questions with respect to every one is god. Please correct me if what i understood with respect to the vivekanada teachings.


  2. You are right KP. I agree with you.

  3. So how will you reach the god state?
    Why are you in this state now ?
    What made you be in this state now ?
    What state where you before coming to this state ?
    what should you do to be in that state forever?
    What will happen after death if i wont reach that state in this life?
    If i have reached a particular state in this life , will it continue in next life?
    How do you test yourself whether you are reaching that particular state at regular intervals ?

    Can you please let me know about this. It will be very helpful.

  4. who wants to discuss all this when our fellow beings are treated like dogs. Let us all come forward on social plane and then discuss the spiritual plane. Nodoubt vivekananda denies moksha and decides service is his main Aim.

  5. with respect to social plane , obvsly you need to care for everyone even the dogs too. One needs to help people who are suffering mentally and physically. You need to treat everyone equal. Service attitude is the best with respect to me.

    Fine , hope that everyone in this world have the attitude that you have. But end of the day you die whatever you have done/learnt goes off. I want to know what will happen after death as well.

    Now comes the spiritual plane. how is spiritual plane different from social plane ?

  6. "obvsly you need to care for everyone even the dogs too"
    --- What can i say if one makes a sheer irresponsible statement
    like this. This is the indicator of attitude.

    I am not that matured to talk about spiritual plane and social plane. May be i did a mistake by differentiating the plance

  7. What Is the irresponsible statement in here
    "obvsly you need to care for everyone even the dogs too"

    I see soul in every being. And dogs also have soul in them.
    So you need to take care of all the living beings that's what I said.

    Is it wrong ?

  8. This is called ಒಣ ವೇದಾಂತ/false vedanta, Misinterpretation of Vedanta. And i cant go in tarkha/argument mode as it suits pandits and not ordinary fellas like me

  9. I am sorry if I have hurt you. Whatever its there in my heart I am saying that.

    Sorry once again.


  10. Am not at all Hurt, but the spirit of argument related to this blog was not at all captured with the above 6-7 comments exchanged among us.

  11. I wanted to know the views of what vivekananda with respect to the state one has to achieve in this life thats all.

    1. If you want to learn Vedanta, please search nearby Ramakrishna mission established by Vivekananda. You can search books "Complete works of Swami Vivekananda".