Sunday, January 29, 2012

Down Fall of India

RSS is one organisation which is spreading false message to people of India by saying the reasons for downfall of India are

a) Forcible conversion.
b) Foreign invasion and thus weakening of cultural values.
c) They often quote past prosperity and try to fuel hatred among the young minds
d) Hindu supremacy, one nation, one leader is the only solution to problems of India
Let us see all the above points under the below quotations


Vivekananda gives below reasons for mass conversion in India

"The Mohammedan conquest of India came as salvation to the down-trodden, to the poor. That is why one-fifth of our people have become Mohammedans. It was not sword that did it all. It would be the height. Of madness to think it was all the work of sword and fire. And one-fifth-one half-of your Madras people will become Christians if you do not take care. Was there ever a sillier before in the world than what I saw in Malabar country? The poor Pariah is not allowed to pass through the same street as the high-caste man, but if he changes his name to a hodgepodge English name, it is all right; or to a Mohammedan name, it is all right"

I have seen many of educated pampered software engineers changing team or company just because their Manager has passed a humiliating remark.Under this light we have to see, if at all a humiliated ill-treated outcaste Hindu gets converted to another religion for paltry some rupees 5000 to 10,000 then the entire onus lies on us.

Retardation in progress:

 It is very obvious that any country whose 85% population is uneducated and is in the state of misery. Then that country is also in bad shape. Such was the state of our Country India. Its the failure of education reaching masses one of the primary reasons. A misquoted chaturvarna and selfish priestly class ensured non brahmins remain uneducated for 1000's of years..

"I believe in helping the miserable. I consider that the great national sin is the neglect of the masses, and that is one of the causes of our downfall" [ Swami vivekananda ]

Philosophical degradation of Inida:

One of the pioneers of modern kannada literature and stalwart Sri A R krishna Shastry writes [reason for philosophical degradation of Inida... ]
"We just tried to trash the theories[advaita,dvaita,vishistadvaita] of each other and failed to perceive the beauty lying in each of the theories that existed in hindu scriptures.There by we failed to do a further constructive study of the same"
 Thus theories formed some time in 7th century itself were praised and not even followed, they led to the philosophical downfall of India This is how we lost the edge, and people of west came to the same conclusion that shankara had come(in 7th century) in the eyes of Immanuel kant. Alas Vivekananda had to write a letter to Max Muller " it was not kant, but it was shankara who discovered it first".
Such unscientific blind devotion was the mindset of learned class; Now west is also able to comprehend shankara both by reading Indian scriptures and through their own scientific quest, hence India is lagging behind now both in philosophy and science as well. Priestly class is happy performing rituals, so what they are the brilliant race, children of those 7 rishis, yes they are the brain behind the present India.

 Hindu supremacy:
There are various  hindu scriptures, these are the same scriptures that motivated Gandhji, vivekananda in a positive direction. But the same scriptures have motivated RSS in a wrong way. Never did Gandhi or Vivekananda spoke about Hindu supremacy, they always felt a need for religious harmony.

Now the religious scriptures that RSS believes in are shastras mainly, mind you they are not Upanishads. Shastras foster principles like misquoted legacy chaturvarna, Brahmin is the highest etc. Although every caste is allowed to join RSS, internally they spread the same thoughts in the name of hindutva. Alas quotes of Vivekananda and Bhagat singh are entirely ignored by RSS
No man is born to any religion; he has a religion in his own soul. let there be as many religions as there are human beings.
    [ Swami vivekananda ]

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