Monday, September 24, 2012


Must read blogs for newcomers on kuvmepu and tejaswi... authored by Dr B R Satyanarayana.  // A blunder essay by a youth(unsharpened mind) on terrorism // about tejaswi as felt by Dr Satyanarayana sahaja krishi, tejaswi., 20 punch lines // universal song...aniketana // tejaswi alemari andaman, 20 punch lines // krishna again.. // tejaswi swaroopa 20 punch lines // lohia  // bendre nice allama prabhu bendre, few bits of poetry // kuvempu bits..goodone // Bendre ++ // kuvempu poem //kuvmepu -- context based understanding... // kuvempu poovu ,his first poem // Tejaswi bullets // Tejaswi , dharmika shraddeya nirlakshe // kuvempu jalagara kuvempu , jatindranath das // kavishaladalli sandhye, kuvempu poem.. // kuvempu related // kuvempu -- ratnakara -- anna ratnakara // Tejaswi on venilla.., foresight of tejaswi /// advaithi [ he did not cry when his mother passes away, but cries when TSV passes away..a true transition from advaithi to a real advaithi..., i remember vivekananda saying a true sanyasi has emotions, who said sanyasi does not ahve emotions when somebody questions vivekananda] // kuvempu + G P Rajaratnam + gommata

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