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Nature, Anger, Energy and revolt

Nature, Anger, Energy and revolt


According to Hindu Sankya philosophy the body can be classified/associated with Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Generally these are considered as qualities but vivekananda says. “Not at all, not qualities but the materials”.

For classic definitions you can google. But the idea behind it is to determine the degree of purity that one can condition his body, mind and soul. Ah why am i talking like a western, Soul is in its eternal and pure state. If body is kept aside for a moment then only Mind remains. So primary idea is the extent one wishes to keep his Manas i.e. mind pure. Thus purity in thoughts invariably falls into the Sattva being the highest, Rajas and tamas class nothing to be associated with the duty one does it could even be a Executioner/butcher’s job.



If some one classifies “Needle” as Tamas considering its harmful quality then I beg to differ from him. A lying Needle surely is Satvik in nature. By itself it does not cause harm. The nature of needle is to stich things together. You may disagree and say needle example is wrong. Let’s take the example of cow an herbivorous animal. Its nature is such that it’s a harmless animal even if you feed meat to it; it still retains its nature. I.e. it still does not harm. Thus you see that Sattva and cow are indivisible. In this sense Sattva is not a quality it’s the thing itself.

So the anger exhibited by such a person is not anger at all. Hence you might have come across words like “satvika rosha”, "satvik anger" etc...



There was a snake which troubled the people of village. Villagers were helpless.A saint who passed by the village advised the snake, he preached non violence to it. Saint happened to pass by the same village remembered the snake and was surprised to see its condition. It was almost dying. He learned from the snake that villagers pelted stones and caned it as it believed in non violence. Saint said, oh snake you should not have forgotten your instincts, if you had just hissed, they would not have dared to…. Hissing by such a snake is again satvik in nature.
Probably Gandhi approved military retaliation against Pakistan; for the same reason. Gandhi always said, violence is the last means to fight. If Krishna showed anger in the war of Mahabharata it’s the same anger.

Thus Sattva can also be understood as the core or crux itself rather than quality. The sweetness in rasagulla is the core. If the sweet juice is removed then it’s no more rasagulla. Quality on the other hand just enhances the state and still can be differentiated from the substance itself.

Anna Hazare and his energy:

Why am I telling all this…, once a man is able to condition his mind to highest level of purity then the energy emitted from his actions and words are also satvik in nature. No doubt our elders say speak good, do good. Never think Evil or mention evil.

The words spoken by such person spread fast and has 1000 times the effect as that of an ordinary man. Greatest current example is Anna hazare. His single call against Corruption has motivated children, housewives and elders in addition to youth.

We all have become just like the snake in that story said above, we have forgotten to hiss… Anna hazare like a saint has reminded us to hiss. If any one says Anna is adamant, I say no, it’s the positive anger. It can only have positive effects on this country.

If a man does not possess this satvik energy and tries to achieve the same feat he can still try but surely cannot succeed

a) By paying money to gather the crowd

b) Or by presenting provocative talks over a period of years, instilling false beliefs and vengeance among men he chooses to. Best example I can quote is Hitler. With this technique my country’s important leader demolished a mosque. Such display of energy via oratory skills and provocative talks is supported only by few and never by the majority/diverse of the country. This gave rise to avalanche effect causing unforgettable side effects both in case of Hitler and our country’s famous leader. Unfortunately the famous leader himself admitted later that it was a mistake. So if a substance is not of satvik in nature, its actions also will not be. One [ Anna hazare] is constructive path and another is the destructive path.

Satvik energy creates a huge Tide, a Tide that engulfs all the small tides like us irrespective of our thoughts and vision. For example Buddha, the whole of India started looking into the direction of ahimsa when he declared “Ahimsa paramodharma”. The tide that Anna has created is just a beginning. All of us the smaller tides will become part of it sooner or later. No revolution happens in a day. Surely revolution cannot happen inside parliament. It can happen only in streets and history has witnessed it only on streets.

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